PCS Heat

Thermal Energy System

Thermal Energy System – complete unit includes trailer – price $37,495.00 for a 200k and $39,995.00 for a 250k

The Thermal Energy System (TES) produces intense, clean, safe heat, but more importantly, you can direct the heat where you need it. The 200,000 BTU (TES) power plant generates a high temperature in a unique heat exchange fluid, using only 8 AMPS for power. The fluid is then transferred with a high volume pump through specially designed insulated hoses to the Thermal Exchanger (tex) box.

  • Will treat up to a 1600 square foot area
  • Certified boiler rated at 200,000 btu runs using only 8 AMPS & 1.5 to 2 gallons of propane per hour
  • Output temperatures: 125° - 225°F
  • Fix tex (Thermal Exchanger) units - 40,000 btu output each
  • 200´ x ¾ high-performance insulated hose with quick connects
  • 500´ x ⅝ high-performance insulated hose with quick connects
  • Very quite - no generator is needed